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Altech UEC VAST DSD4121/DSD4121RV PVR Remote Upgrade Kit (Code&Remote)


The PVR upgrade kit contains the following items

-New Manual

-Scrath Panel with unique registration code

This remote upgrade kit suits DSD4121 and DSD4121RV To activate the PVR functionality Visit the activation page and fill the form with unique registration code and decoder card serial number.

Once you have received your unique 16 digit activation key you will then be able to convert your DSD4121 into a Digital Recorder.

To enter the activation code you simply need to press the PVR button on your new remote control. Once the unique 16 digit code is entered your DSD4121 is PVR Ready. Please note that the product configuration, features and technologies referred to above reflect a typical product specification, the final product may vary according to specific requirements.

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