We do not normally give refunds or exchanges if you:

• simply change your mind; or
• purchased the wrong product; or
• already knew of a particular fault in a product, or we specifically advised you of a particular fault in a product; or
• damage a product after purchase due to alterations to the product not performed by us, damage the product due to unusual or non-recommended use of the product or damage the product where the damage is caused by any factors beyond our control; or 
• no proof of purchase is provided.

Goods Returning for Credit/Refund

If a product is faulty, does not match the description or is unfit for its intended purpose a refund may be available upon request.
However Mad Electronics reserves the right to confirm the unsuitability of the product before a refund is issued.

Under ACCC guidelines for refunds of goods under warranty claims - specifically the ACCC quotes as follows on their web site:

"If the goods being returned have had a fair amount of use then you may be entitled to a partial refund only or to repair the product instead"

Defective items within the DOA period of 7 days, take 2-5 business days for us to process and ship the replacement item to you.
Defective items returned for warranty after the DOA period generally take 2-8 weeks to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.
Please also note that incompatibility is NOT a fault. We cannot ensure what you purchased is compatible with what you have existing.


Return/Refund on non-faulty products

In some circumstances, we are happy to offer our consumers with a conditional courtesy return if consumers want to exchange products purchased incorrectly provided the:
• customer notifies Mad Electronics within 7 days of receipt of delivery of the product;
• products are not opened, used and are still in pristine condition;
• customer accepts a maximum restocking fee up to 30% of the purchase price;
• Mad Electronics may reject the return upon inspecting the condition of the products and will return the products to the customer at the customer’s expense.

Damaged Product in Transit

Please read the following carefully for the claim of the damaged goods in transit.

  1. Ensure if any damage has been incurred in transit, customer MUST mark as DAMAGED GOODS prior to signing on the Proof of Delivery docket.
  2. Consignments where inspection prior to signing off to the driver is not possible, MUST mark Subject to Inspection, and the matter MUST be reported to the courier via the numbers below within 24 hours of delivery.
  3. Keep the goods in question in case the courier needs to inspect and / or salvage.
  4. Evidence of damage of goods and packaging internally and externally, ie take photos
  5. Ensure to make a note of who you speak to and try to get the case number or reference number for the incident from the courier.
  6. After all the above are done, email to info@madelectronics.com.au with any of the reference given to you by the courier company and wait for us to issue you the RA#, then you can return the item to us and we will claim for the insurance from the courier company.
  7. Once the claim has being lodge and approved, we'll ship out a replacement to you as soon as possible.
  8. Please be informed that unless all the above procedures and notations are made, the claim of the damaged good will be rejected.

Procedures for Warranty Returns

  1. Please visit the vendor list if your product that is to be serviced can be dealt directly with the vendor, the vendor contact numbers are listed below. Normally it is much quicker to return to the vendor for warranty.
  2. Make sure that the product you send back to us is faulty, as we may charge a labor fee if there's no fault found with the product. Our experience shows that 30% of the goods sent back to us are not faulty.
  3. We will then issue you an RA number. You must include the RA number clearly visible on the outer packaging.
  4. As soon as your product is repaired or replaced, we will send it back to you at our own cost.
    Refund will be offered if the product is not of merchantable quality, does not fit the description provided, or is unfit for its purpose.
  5. All products returned for repair will be accepted under the terms of the warranty agreement, as stipulated by the manufacturer. 
    Goods returned for warranty are accepted subject to inspection of the manufacturer and/or the authorized repairer agent. 
    You may check the status of your goods returned by using this link: 
    Refund will be offered if the product is not of merchantable quality, does not fit the description provided, or is unfit for its purpose. 

Returning Goods Address

All goods are to be returned, in a suitable shipping container and with the RA number clearly visible on the outer packaging to:

MAD Electronics Australia
RA # (Your RA Number)
PO BOX 38 
Windang NSW 2528

The consumer is responsible for any and all charges associated with returning the goods to madelectronics.com.au, except where the cost of transporting the goods is significant due to the size, height or type of problem with the goods. 
Customer may refer to: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees/repair-replace-refund#returning-the-product

Warranty Statement

All Products come standard with one-year manufacturers' warranty unless otherwise stated.

- All costs incurred in returning non-faulty, or incorrectly chosen products to us for repair, refund, replacement or credit are your responsibility. 
- Mad Electronics will ship the replacement/repaired unit to you at no charge.
- If the product is over 12 months old all shipping & handling costs must be paid by yourself.
- Please note that returns dropped into the store will not be processed immediately due to RA jobs already in the queue.
- Please note if the product is deemed NO FAULT FOUND for any warranty claim or consumer guarantee claim, a service fee up to $50 with any additional shipping charges may be applied; and any inspection / rejection fees by the relevant authorized service center may also be applied.
- If a product is found to have been supplied to you in full compliance with the Australian Consumer Law, we may require you pay to madelectronics.com.au all costs associated with returning the product to you.
- The RA procedure may vary from different manufacturers or suppliers. Any returns/warranties made within 7 days (DOA) from receiving the item will take 5-7 days. Returns/warranties outside of the DOA period will take 3-5 weeks. 

All new PCs comes standard with 1-year Return to Base Warranty.

Non-faulty product does not include any product which is not of merchantable quality, does not fit the description provided, or is unfit for its purpose. Full deposited funds may not be refunded if you wish to cancel your order.

Mad Electronics will not accept and replace any damaged goods caused by misuse or improper handling.

Labor and delivery (to and from) will be charged if goods returned found not faulty.

Software is non-refundable once opened, unless faulty, does not match the description or is unfit for its intended purpose (please confirm that your hardware meets the software minimum requirements before ordering). Servicing and maintenance are covered with 90 days warranty only.

Networking and software error are not warrantable.

Charges may incur for networking repair due to human error.

Mad Electronics do not take responsibility for any goods damaged or lost in transit when the customer sends the product back to us for warranty or return. 
The manufacturer’s warranty may be void if the product is damaged in transit. 
Please ensure the product is packed appropriately for shipping before sending it back to us. If you are unsure about how to pack a product appropriately for shipping please contact us.